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2012 MPG Track Day: 2012 BMW 335is Coupe

Mentioning how fast the 335is can reach triple-digit speed on the racetrack seems obvious. All that turbocharged power gives the coupe performance that isn’t brutish, but it’s ever-present like a grouchy bouncer at a Vegas … never mind. On the track, the 335is is reasonably agile, but softer than I’d like. BMW has moved toward being more things to more people over the past decade. As such, getting the ultimate “ultimate driving machine” means ordering add-on packages. The automaker’s dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is a vast improvement over the previous sequential manual gearbox (SMG), the ultimate balky aggravation that was on the M6 and M5. Everything else you expect from Bavaria is at hand: solid steering feel, more than capable brakes and great ergonomics.

Verdict: Still very good, but its peers are now right with it when you consider performance.

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