Key to the Highway

Observations about cars and the auto industry

About the Editor

My formative years were spent in the great Midwest—Saginaw and Chicago—where I survived public school education, learned to drive on packed snow, learned to ride motorcycles in lousy weather and almost became a Teamster. After many years in the newspaper business — including nearly 12 at the Los Angeles Times, most of it on the Business desk where I was a founding editor of the Highway 1 section — I fled to the online world, where I became a Road Test Editor for Autobytel’s I’d still be there with a great group of writers, photographers and video crew if not for the economy’s swan dive.

I’ve always been interested in cars: sports, muscle, custom, hot rod, low rider, classic, foreign and domestic. I’ve owned everything from a 1961 Opel to a 1964 Mercury Monterey Breezeway Coupe to a trio of Mazda Miatas, with a couple of motorcycles in the mix. I eeked out a Regional Class Championship in SCCA Solo racing by being just enough faster than the other guy with an under-prepared car. I’ve also driven all sorts of vehicles on and off the racetrack.


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