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Only 52.25 Percent from Here to the Good Ol’ Days

Half the year is gone, and with June’s auto sales figures out the annualized number for the U.S. market is 11.1 million vehicles. Sure, a lot of automakers posted big increases from June of last year, but the reality is the industry has a long way to go.

2011 Infiniti M Driving Impressions

What makes up a sport-touring sedan? Everything the 2011 Infiniti M has and nothing that it doesn’t.

Too Big or Not too Big?

GM’s Bob Lutz says the automaker is on the right track, but some competitors have lost their way.

Feeling Gloomy? Buy a Volvo

Volvo is betting big on selling the XC60, its new, small crossover, by placing it in the latest installment of the para-normal romance teen vampire saga and mega-buck hit “Twilight.”

I Had the Key to the Highway …

A couple of ounces of prevention are worth a lot more than the $85 cure.

Summer Hiatus is Over

With everything but the oven-like temperatures gone from the Los Angeles area, it’s time to get back to it all.

What About Bob?

Coming on the heels of Chrysler’s Chapter 11 announcement is word that after the company emerges from bankruptcy Chief Executive Bob Nardelli will be leaving, according to Automotive News.

Come fare tu per esempio ‘Jeep’ in Italiano?

The answer is Fiat. And so with that, the Italian auto giant is buying into not the Chrysler of today, but the one that will emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, possibly in a matter of weeks.

Pontiac, 1926-2009*

The Pontiac Division, once a brand known for high-performance models such as the GTO and Formula Firebird, has died after a long illness. It was 83. Pontiac is survived by four brothers, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC; and three cousins, Saturn, Saab and Hummer. Services are pending.

The King Is Dead. Long Live the King!

The common utterance of loyal subjects of a monarchy applies as readily to General Motors changing of the guard as it did when being King of the Britons meant something. Out is GM lifer Rick Wagoner, in is GM lifer Fritz Henderson. Mr. Henderson is charged with pushing another restructuring boulder up the hill and keeping it from rolling off.