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They’re Blinding Us—With Science

Over at, my former Autobytel/ colleague Keith Buglewicz has taken his automotive Veg-a-matic to myriad technologies that grace the 2010 Toyota Prius.

2008 L.A. Auto Show: The vibe

LOUD music, fog machines and an often blinding light show. You’ve either stumbled into a Van Halen tribute band concert or you’re at an auto show press conference. Exuberance began and ended with the theatrics of unveiling cars.

2008 L.A. Auto Show Rundown

They’ve got the world on a string

Yesterday’s overview of the upcoming L.A. Auto Show might have sounded a tad too enthusiastic. Apologies. The reality is that the show is a reflection of the dire situation automakers find themselves in, only it’s representative of a few months ago with the exception of GM’s recent cancellation of its press conference and display of anything significant.